Zach Duer – nothings_nomeanings

Zach Duer


4’45” long, 48:9 aspect ratio

Digital video and sound

nothings_nomeanings is a multimedia collage of found sound and found video.

In my collages, I meld samples together to create new and unique entities – gestalts. Hundreds of sound and video clips are churned together, each providing their own distinct identity. The exact quality of every recording – the hiss, the static, the color – is kept intact. The samples represent exactly themselves, snippets of recorded media, no more and no less. A video sample is not a direct reference to the subject material. It contains within it the subject material, but it also contains all of the minutia of recording – the perspective (physical and cultural) of the author, the equipment, and the uniqueness of the conditions of the recording, with the arm positioned exactly thus, or the singer holding the note for an extra 1/100th of a second. All of these details comprise the character of the sample, and the amalgamation of these characters can be startling and beautiful. Yet, at the same time, they also often overwhelm me with nostalgia that I have trouble explaining.