World’s First Virtual Reality Cinema Opened in Amsterdam

World’s very first Virtual Reality Cinema opened it’s doors! It’s located in the heart of Amsterdam, but you will feel like you are in far away countries, animated worlds or places you could never go before. The VR Cinema is a place where everybody has the possibility to get acquainted with virtual reality and experience what it is like to see the finest selection of VR movies that are unfolding around you in 360 degrees.

The VR Cinema

The VR Cinema is a concept by &samhoud media that originated in the form of Europe’s first virtual reality pop-up cinema which toured through several big cities in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and now settles in Amsterdam. After the grand opening in the Dutch capital cities like Madrid, Berlin, Paris and London will be in for their very own VR Cinema some time soon.

When in Amsterdam, you can pick a date and reserve your tickets for the VR Cinema: