Vika Ilyushkina – Acrobatic Sketch

Vika Ilyushkina & Maya Popova

Acrobatic Sketch, 2012

00:07:29, 16:9, HD MOV, 1920х1080

Wickedly absurdist video novella wich takes on the space of the  bathtub  of  a communalapartment in St. Petersburg city as the metaphor for the simbolic connections we make, missand struggle through.The work is made in a creative tandem with Maya Popova, who plays the lead role andperforms the acrobatic solo  in the bathroom. The male roles are improvised by students of theGerman Film Academy. The artist was interested in a performing component of the project andits transformation through editing.

Exhibited: 2015 “New from Ludwig Collection” Russian State Museum, St-Petersburg;2014“The Other Capital” NCCA , Moscow; 2015 “On My Way”Cultural Zone of the VenetianUniversity Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy.