Valeriy Ayzenberg CV

Valeriy Ayzenberg

September 9, 1947 – born in Ukraine

1971 – Graduated from Kharkov Polytechnic Institute

1973-1976 – Kharkov Art Institute’ School of Drawing

1980 – Began exhibiting his art

1986-1988 – member of the Hermitage artistic society, Moscow

1988 – Joined Moscow Artists’ Union

1993-1996 – lived in New-York

1995 – First video works

1998 – Established the ESPACE Program (in collaboration with N. Turnova)

1999 – Established the ESCAPE Program (including Escape-Gallery)

2002 – First literary publications

Ayzenberg has had 40 solo exhibitions and taken part in more than 200 group shows.

Nominations – “Black Square” Award winner (2003), “Kandinsky Prize” nominee (2008), “Soratnik Prize” (2006, 2009, 2010), “Kuriohin Prize”, “Attenthion Prize”.Participant of 1st Prage Biennale, 51st Venice Biennale (Russian Pavilion), and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th  Moscow Biennale (special projects).It let out novel THE TENANT (publishing house OGI, Moscow).

Lives in Moscow, Tel-Aviv and New-York.


Program ESCAPE (until 1999 – ESPACE) was established in 1999 by artist Valeriy  Ayzenberg. In the same year they were joined by artists Bogdan Mamonov, Anton Litvin and Liza Morozova.

Currently, the program takes part Valeriy Ayzenberg, Konstantine Adger and Vincent Nilin. In the period from 2006 to 2007 came from the group B. Mamonov, A. Litvin and Leonid Morozov.

In the course of business, determined the structure of the Programme, including joint projects of members of the Programme (group ESCAPE) and gallery ESCAPE (exhibition and action group members and guest artists on the territory of galleries and other venues).

In typological terms the gallery activity can be attributed to the international practice “artists run spaces”, and besides it sort of revives in a new context the Moscow tradition of Apt-Art (Apartment Art). All the four programme members are curators of gallery exhibitions.

The gallery ESCAPE  located in the studio apartment of Valeriy Ayzenberg (Nagornaya St., building 23 / 2). This is the place where the first programme actions were held. Over five years there were arranged 25 exhibitions altogether. With few exceptions these are mostly experimental individual exhibitions of invited artists.

ESCAPE was originated as a response to monopolization of the present-day art by a particular narrow circle of gallery owners, curators and critics: new ways of competition inevitably encourage development of new strategies. In this case the activity of an artistic group proves to be more effective than an individual work of one artist. But it should be mentioned that to the same extent the programme was caused by the need for collective creative work experienced by each group member.

Denis Patrakeev CV

Denis Patrakeev

Born in 1987, Leningrad, Russia.
Educated in Gertcen University, the Faculty of Arts
The member of Artists Union from 2008

Personal Exhibitions

2015 “DAY ONE”, Nepokorennie 17, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2014- « Mustard seed», Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 “Sheba”, Bobby Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2014- «361 degrees /2», Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012 “Reconstructor”, Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012 «361 degrees», Erarta Gallery, London
2011 «Proections», Nepokorennie studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2011- «The Earth of plays», State Centre of Contemporary Arts, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011 «Gastra OZ», The Door Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Group exhibitions

2015 “We must cultivate our garden” , Anna Nova Gallery

2015 “Intertext”, Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg

2015 6 Moscow Biennal of Contemporary Art, Panopticym, Moscow, Russia

2015 OSTRALE, Drezden, Germany

2015 “Daha 409”, Komarovo, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2015 independently/separately, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014- Yougorgskiy period, Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg

2014- Vienna Fair, Vienna, Austria

2014 “Interspace”, Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014- “RuArts”, IV Moscow International Biennial for Young Art, Moscow, Russia

2014- “Signal”, Signal factory, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014- “Refugee Camp”, Salon art-project, parallel program of Manifesta 10, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013- Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2013- ArtSpace Event, ArtPlay, Moscow, Russia

2013- Volta9, Basel, Switzerland

2012- «Crosses», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012- «Social networks», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012- «New Ampire», Anglettere Hotel (Anna Nova Gallery project), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012- «Elastic arts», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012- «Present, Past and Future», Erarta Gallery, London

2011- «Peter and Wolf», Erarta gallery, London

2011- «Autumn aggravation», Manege exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011- «Stability», Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010- «21 gramm»- Art hall Poligraf. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010- «Manipulations», Kitchen studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010- «Black gold ». Kitchen studio, Saint-Petesburg, Russia

2009- «Childhood of our eyes.» , Markov Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2008- «Men and women legs in 21century » The Gallery of Chateuo the Rious Castle, France

2006- «New names » , Museum of nonkonformism arts, Pushkinskaya 10, Saint- Petersburg, Russia

Colin Rosati CV

Colin Rosati is a Toronto based multimedia artist. Colin’s mediums are painting, 3D modeling, Max/MSP, video and installations. He has studied at Ottawa School of Art for portfolio development program and currently studying Integrated Media at OCADU.

Colin’s work often revolves around the tension between virtuality and physicality. He explores the line between the two and exploring the, sincerity in a digital context and absurdity of the inevitable transcoding that happens. In part documenting the contradictions as well as drawing attention to the complexity in defining either. He often plays with physical and virtual signifiers embedding these into text where the original context has lost its meaning.

Oleg Elagin CV

Media artist, musician.

Born in Samara in 1982.

Location: Samara

Graduated from the Samara State Communication Academy (2004),Independent School of Contemporary Art (2006), The art grant on training in Germany (Stuttgarter kunstverein e.v.,Stuttgart. Germany) (2014)

The main object of attention of media-artist Oleg Elagin is areflection of absolutely de-humanized art, made by means of digital technologies. He’s from a cohort of artists – the“alchimists”, assiduous experimenters with the internaltexture, the “body” of the artwork. In his case it is the nonmaterial, digital texture of media.  Working in the genre of video art, the artist fills his artworks with visual and sound effects to deform chosen fragment of reality, or create some new image that loose connection with the objective world.

The most attractive themes for Elagin are “mistake”,“malfunction”, and “information noise”. No other artist could scarcely contemplate the screen noise with such sincerity as he does. The system of failure has an interest for him as a self sufficient and self-valued effect, having it’s own visual potential.  What is the way of constructing reality for such kind of art? What consistent patterns in the viewer’s reception of this art are possible? These are the basic questions, which interest the artist.

Upward! Community CV

Young artists working with the ideas of Russian cosmism gathered in 2010 and funded the “Upward!” community.

The community works with the theoretical problems of media and possibilities of cultural interaction of art, religion, science and politics. Typical themes are: space and earth, death and death of the medium, resurrection, the idea of Motherland, art as religion, etc.

Besides theoretical work, there are two main directions of the community’s activity: the production of video films, based on the ideas of cosmism and developing them in culture, and the organization of exhibitions of the community members and close artists in non artistic spaces, often in nature (documentations of this exhibitions, like artifact, can be then presented in the museum space).

In the period 2010-2012 a series of four outdoor exhibitions have been held – one for each season. Going out from traditional artistic space was important for discovering new functional possibilities of art and it’s presentation. The correlation with seasons comes from the moment of finding in contemporary culture art being perceived in a religious way, much in the antique meaning with special cults for each season, determined by social reasons. And it was to observe analogies of art being used in contemporary culture.

Nastya Dergacheva, 14.02.1987 Video artist. Member of Upward! community 2010 – 2011

Petr Zhukov, 19.01.1982 Video artist, curator. Member of Upward! community 2010 – present

Daniil Zinchenko, 16.12.1984 Video artist. Member of Upward! community 2010 – present

Mikhail Maximov, 12.09.1977 Media artist. Member of Upward! community 2010 – 2011

Anna Kolosova CV

Anna Kolosova graduated from the faculty of Scenography of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 1998 and studied new media at  the “School for Young Artists” of St. Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts between 2000 and 2005. She worked as the video curator of the NCCA (National centre for contemporary art) and of CYLAND MediaArtLab between 2003 and 2009. She was a residency artist at NIFCA, Finland (2002), at the Interdisciplinary art group SERDE, Latvia (2006) and at the Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan (2009).

Rasmus Albertsen CV

Rasmus Albertsen (DK/SE) B. 1977

Master of Fine Arts 2010

3 years Umeå academy of fine arts

2 years Valand Konsthögskola Göteborg Sweden

1 year LAB: school of experimental music and soundart, Denmark

1 year sociologi at Aalborg Universitet Denmark

1 year library school in Aalborg Denmark

Teaching: Video teacher, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden, 2010-2011 Ærø Kunsthøjskole

Founder of galleri MASKINEN, Umeå, Sweden, 2008


VERKLIGHETEN’s grant 2010

Galleri 60e grant 2007

Otto & Charlotte Mannheimers grant 2006

Selected exhibitions


“Mind The Gap” Curator Boris Kostadinov, Radiator gallery on Long Island / New York

“Ekko-person” Spanien 19C, Århus, Denmark – solo show

CologneOFF 2013 Peru

“Kulturmødet” at Nykøbing Mors / Denmark

“Trial & Error” at Coagula Curatorial / Manipulated Images, Los Angeles, USA

“A Rather Decent Exhibition” CAC Bukovje Landskrona, Sweden


“Territory” DVD compilation, Denmark

“Twice as true”, Global Talks, Stockholm, Sweden

“Stol genom väggen” Kulturhuset Borgen, Gislaved, Sweden – solo exhibition

Supermarket – Stockholm independent artfair“True Stories”, Global Talks, Stockholm, Sweden


Portræt nu! The group show will tour the following places screening the video “Bix Hax”

Tikanojas Konsthem, KUNSTI, Åbo, Finland

Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway

Marina Alexeeva CV

Marina Alexeeva was born in 1959 in Leningrad (USSR). In 1984 – graduated from the V. Mukhina Academy of Arts. Participant of 5th Moscow biennial of contemporary art; Contemporary Art Biennial of the South in Panama (2013). Winner of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Prize (2011). Works with various media: installation, object, painting. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.Works have been included in permanent collections of The State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), Fundacio Sorigue (Barcelona), Ekaterina Cultural Foundation (Moscow), Art Vectors Investment Partnership Foundation (Vienna) and others.Since 1991 M. Alexeeva has been working with the media of micro-installation. The artist collects the sample interiors of public places and private living spaces placing them in small boxes – presenting sort of the concentrated environments.

Nenad Nedeljkov CV

Born in 1971. in Zrenjanin /Vojvodina, Serbia/. Graduated at The Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1998./Art course, department: painting/. Post graduated MA at Interdisciplinary studies at the department of Digital art at University of Arts in Belgrade in 2008.Member of Vojvodina and Serbia Association of Artists.

Viktoriya Begalskaya CV

Viktoria Begalskaya works as a painter, performer and video-artist. Her work has been included in the following exhibitions: Gender Excitement within the 1 Moscow Biennale of Modern Art (2005); The Europalia Festival, Brussels, Belgium; And She Was, Transit Gallery, Mechelen, Belgium (2005); Seven Sins, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia. (2004); Art Festival, Klyazma, Moscow, Russia. Victoria Begalskaya has had solo exhibitions at Zverev’s Contemporary Art Centre (2005, Moscow) and Gallery of M.Gelman (2004, Kiev, Ukraine).

Joanna Bonder CV

Born in 1987 in Wrocław, Poland. Graduated MA in faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Arts at The Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. Before an Art Academy studied mathematics. In 2012 awarded with the scholarship granted by the President of Wroclaw City and by the Academy’s Chancellor. Participated in many exhibitions and art festivals in the country and abroad. In 2014 I got the first prize award at the DigitalBigScreen Festival in Trbovlje (Slovenia) and honorable mention at digital_ia.14 festival in Szczecin (Poland) Now live and work in Katowice, Poland.

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