Nadya Gorokhova CV

Nadya Gorokhova, born 1986, is a musician, video artist, founder of the independent publishing house haec (publishing sound editions, artist’s books).


2008 – Philology Department of Astafyev KGPU

2009-2010 – seminars on documentary film production “Route du doc: Russie” (Lucac, France and Siberian studio of independent cinema, Russia)

Recent concerts / exhibitions (2015-2016)

Moscow Darwin’s museum / Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow: presentation of Trans-Siberian Artist Residence results (October, 2015)

Graphic book’s library, Saint Petersburg: video point / open session of sound recording (guitar) with Anton Mizenko (January, 2016)

Borey gallery, Saint Petersburg: improvisation (electric guitar) with Anton Mizenko (electric guitar) (November, 2015)

Sherbov museum, Saint Petersburg: experimental music (guitar, field recordings) (May, 2015)

Burakov studio, Moscow: voicing graphics of Ilya Grishaev (3-5 of April-2015)

Nepokorennie studio, Saint Petersburg: experimental music (guitar, field recordings) (January, 2015)

Egor Kraft CV

In­ter­dis­ci­pli­nary artist Egor Kraft (b. 1986 in St.Pe­ters­burg, Rus­sia) cur­rently lives and works in Berlin & Lon­don. Egor ac­quired his ba­sic ed­u­ca­tion in Fine Arts in both Russ­ian and Swedish schools, and later in Arts and Me­dia The­ory at the Moscow Rod­chenko School, The Acad­emy of Fine Arts in Vi­enna and Cen­tral Saint Mar­t­in’s Col­lege of Art and De­sign in Lon­don, where he stud­ied un­der a grant. Over the course of the past few years he has par­tic­i­pated in in­ter­na­tional group ex­hi­bi­tions, bi­en­nales and par­al­lel events in­clud­ing; The Moscow Bi­en­nale of Young Art, Ar­se­nale, the Par­al­lel Pro­gramme of Man­i­festa 10 in St. Pe­ters­burg and in­ter­na­tional ex­hi­bi­tions in Aus­tralia, the Nether­lands, Spain, Italy, Aus­tria, Rus­sia, Es­to­nia, Poland, Swe­den and the UK. Egor has had two large-scale solo ex­hi­bi­tions in St. Pe­ters­burg and Tallinn, was nom­i­nated for var­i­ous prizes in­clud­ing the Kuryokhin Prize and has com­pleted artis­tic com­mis­sions for the Moscow Tretyakov State Gallery, Vi­enna Art Fair and Her­mitage Mu­seum.

Dimitri Lurie CV

Dimitri Lurie, born 1970 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), USSR (Russian Federation)


State Fine Art Academy, Oslo, Norway

Religion & Philosophy Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

State Technical University, St. Petersburg

Dimitri Lurie is a representative of the independent film community of Russia and Norway and has a special poetic voice. His credo is to concentrate on the visual aspect and atmosphere in film rather than storytelling.

In 1994 Lurie founded an independent studio DodoFilm Company in St. Petersburg. Since then he has produced (written, directed, shot and edited) a number of short, documentary & experimental films along with various art projects. In 1999, Dimitri was invited to teach film in Norway and the company was relocated in Oslo. Lurie’s film & video work were shown at various TV channels, film festivals and art exhibitions worldwide and have collected numerous awards.

Filmography (selected films):

2015 “Hermit”
2012 “Refraction”
2010 “A Sense of a Maze”
2009 “Samsara-Vertigo”
2007 “Theatre of Tears”
2007 “Flashes of Persia”
2006 ”Hat of Fools”
2005 “Lisa and Hitler”
2004 “Black on White”
2001 “Split”
2000 “Aftertaste”
1998 “Looking for Margarita”
1996 “Emptiness”

Selected Film Festivals participated:

Lisboa IFF”, Portuga
Video art festival “Miden”, Kalamata, Greece
Open Cinema, St. Petersburg, Russia
MediaMed, Barcelona, Spain
World Film, Tartu, Estonia
JIDFF, Czech Republic
Minimalen, Trondheim, Norway
Kortfilmfestivalen, Grimstad, Norway
Art Film Festival, AFIA, Aarhus, Denmark
Pure Day Dreams, St. Petersburg, Russia
Bergen International Film Festival, Norway
Kinoteatr.doc, Moscow, Russia
Scratch Show, Light Cone, Paris, France
Capalbio Cinema, Rome, Italy
Monte Catino Terme, Italy
Black Box, Leningrad, USSR

Lurie’s works can are to be found in various film & video archives and museums of contemporary art:

Light Cone – experimental film archive in Paris
The Norway’s Videokunstarkivet
Cyland’ Video Art archive St. Petersburg
SKMU Kristiansand, Norway

Dimitri lives and works part time in Oslo and part time in St. Petersburg.

Ivan Sotnikov, Irina Vasilyeva CV

Ivan Sotnikov, one of the co-founders of the Novie khudozhniki (New Artists) group (1982), is a participant of numerous exhibitions, including joint exhibitions with the Mitki group; co-organizer (with Aleksandr Florensky) of the Society of Art and Painting Lovers (2004). Ivan Sotnikov created his own unique style in art, cinema, animation, music and journalism, combining his passion to study semiotic systems and his love of traditional folk art.

Irina Vasilyeva born in Leningrad. Graduated from the Secondary Art School of the Academy of Arts and entered the Free Academy, Boris Yukhananov’s film and video direction school.

Exhibited with the Mitki (since 1987), the Painting and Drawing Society (since 2005) and the Vasilki art groups. Lives and works in Kronstadt (St. Petersburg).

Since 1997 Irina Vasilyeva has exhibited regularly with the Mitki art group, has been fully engaged with the work of the Painting and Drawing Society (OLZHIR, created by Alexander Florensky and Ivan Sotnikov), has worked with the New Artists (the long-term creative union of Vasilyeva and Sotnikov) and the Necrorealists (Andrey Mertvy). Vasilyeva is famous not just as a painter (continues the artistic traditions of the 1930s Leningrad school)and an illustrator but also as an author of objects, designer books and animation.

Maksim Kholodilin CV

Born in Ufa in 1968. In 1990 graduated from the Kiev Higher Engineering School of Anti-Aircraft Missile Defense, in 2000 graduated from the faculty of law of the Bashkir State University. PhD. Founder and director of X-MAX Gallery of contemporary art.

Exhibitions and awards:

3rd prize of the Novosibirsk International Graphics Biennale (2003)
Exlibris International Biennale, Saint-Nicolas, Belgium (2004)
International Graphics Biennale, Varna, Bulgaria (2004)
International Ural Prints Triennale, Ufa (2004)
Novosibirsk International Graphics Biennale (2005)
Novosibirsk International Graphics Biennale (2007)
International Ural Prints Triennale, Ufa (2007)
White Inter-Nights Independent International Graphics Biennale, St. Petersburg (2007)
Praying to Your Rivers (part of the White Nights in Perm Festival, 2011)
Long-list of the Kuryokhin Award (2011)
Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (special project Art Against Geography, 2011)
Territory of Joy – Territory of Journey, Novgorod Contemporary Art Center (2012)
Khanty-Mantsi Biennale of Contemporary Art (2012)
International Winter Art Festival, Sochi (2012)
Cultural Alliance (part of the White Nights in Perm Festival, 2012)
Circle of Light Moscow International Festival (2012)
International Triennale of Contemporary Graphics, Novosibirsk (2012)
Event Contemporary Photography Festival, Omsk (2012)
“Portrait Now” project exhibition, Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, St. Petersburg (2012)
UFALOGY, Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, St. Petersburg (2013)
Art against Geography: Cultural Alliance, PERMM Contemporary Art Museum, Perm (2013)
From Saimaa to Saimaa. Graphics without Borders, Imatra Municipal Art Museum, Finland (2014)
Jerusalem Contemporary Graphics Biennale On Paper, Harmony Municipal Art Center, Israel (2015)
Real in Irreal, Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju, Korea (2015)
ART UFA – 2015 Forum, Ufa (2015)

Filipp Trapeznikov,Polina Korotaeva, Yana Pitenko, Svetlana Lysenko

Philipp Trapeznikov (1995, Saint-Petersburg)

Compositing artist.Studied at Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.Works at the video studio Keen Visuals.

Polina Korotaeva (1991, Bratsk, Irkutskaya obl.)

Photographer.Studied at Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television (Faculty of Production Director for film and television).

Yana Pitenko (1984, Norilsk)

Interpreter. Studied at The Institute of Foreign Languages (Saint-Petersburg). Works as freelance interpreter.

Svetlana Lysenko (1995, Novosibirsk)

Philologist. Student of The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (Faculty of Philology)

Svetlana Nikolaenko, Stanislav Knop, Varvara Kosenko

Svetlana Nikolaenko (1993, Saint-Petersburg)

Production Director, videographer, video editor. Studied at Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television.

Stas Knop (1982, Saint Petersburg)

Studied at Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Participant of photo exhibitions: “International contest of young artists at Central House of Artist, Moscow, 2012 (won second prize); “Silver camera”, Moscow, 2014; “La Città Nuda”, Turin, Italy, 2015 (won second prize).

Varvara Kosenko (1989, Dushanbe, Tajikistan)

Architect.Studied at Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Sergei Izhko, Ludmila Prudnikova, Maria Tumanova (Hermitage Youth Center)

Sergey Izhko (1993)

Architect, designer, musician. Studied at the Musical school of P.I. Tchaikovsky, student at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Faculty of Architecture). Currently works as a furniture designer. Objects of interest: composing music, photography, video.

Ludmila Prudnikova (1993, Volgogradskaya obl.)

Art historian, artist, curator.Studied at Mikhailovsky Pedagogical college (Volgogradskaya obl.).Student at the Saint-Petersburg Art and Industry Academy.Current position: English teacher (Pedagogical college №1, Saint-Petersburg).

Maria Tumanova (1989, Pikalevo, Leningradskaya obl.)

Studied at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (Faculty of Museology and Group tours). Currently works at the State museum of the history of Saint-Petersburg (conservator of the fund of contemporary architecture graphics). Previously worked at the Saint-Peterburg State Capella on establishing the new museum in there.

Alexander Anisimov, Tatiana Zhukova, Margorita Lysenko

Alexander Anisimov (1990, Saint-Petersburg)

Compositing artist. Studied at The Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics). Works at the video studio Keen Visuals.

Margorita Lysenko (1993, Saint-Petersburg)

PR, SMM-specialist. Studied at The Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Journalism). Current position: lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism (Digital promotion), PR-specialist.

Tatiana Zhykova (1989, Saint-Petersburg)

Designer, photographer, graphics artist. Studied at The St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. The author of the education project for children “Smart City”. The author of the several projects within the Center for design and Urban geography “Make It” (Saint-Petersburg).

Evgeniy Bugaev

Evgeniy Bugaev

Born in 1984 in Kuybyshev, now Samara.

Graduated from the Institute of Art Education, Samara StatePedagogical University.

Since 2007 has been working as a press photographer in several Samara titles.

Active in the fields of photography, video and sound art.

He is well known for «Pharma Concert» project nominated in 2011 for the KandinskyPrize. Participated in exhibitions and festivals in Russia and abroad, including:International Video Festival “Now & Then” (Moscow, MMSI), the exhibition “History ofRussian Video Art», (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy), “GhostsReturn”, (the Hong Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan).

Ludmila Belova CV

Ludmila Belova

Born  in Kamchatka, lives and works in St.Peterburg

1980 – graduated Abramtzevo Art College

1991 – membership in Russian Artists Union since

Selected personal exhibitions:

2015 – “The Rate of Disappearance”, Art re Flex gallery, CYLAND, St.Petersburg,Russia

2010 -”La-la land”-   National Center for Contemporary Arts, St.Petersburg, Russia

2010 – ”Near.Far”  -All gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2009 – “Vernissage”- gallery “Lyuda”, St.Petersburg, Russia

2008 –  “Family portrait in the interior ”  AL GALLERY

2007 –  “Room “N” – State Hermitage Museum, Youth Educational Center, NCCA, St. Peterburg, Russia

2004 –  “As Quiet as Snow”- Anna Akhmatova Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia

2003 –  “SAVE AS “- The Gallery of Contemporary Art “ D-137’, St. Petersburg, Russia

2003 –  “ Archive”-  ESCAPE gallery, Moscow, Russia

2002 –  “Archive”- “Navicula artis’ gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2000 –  “Cucumbers.Photo observations”, gallery “Art collegium”, St.Peterburg, Russia.

Selected group exhibitions:

2014 – CYBERFEST 2014,”The other home”,CYLAND, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

2014 – The Other Capital, NCCA, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2014 – ARTVILNIUS-14, Monthly payment project, Vilnius,Lithuania

2014 – “Suitcase”, gallery KultProject,parallel program MANIFESTA 10, Moscow,Russia

2014 – “The other home”, Anna Frants gallery, parallel program MANIFESTA 10, St. Petersburg,Russia

2014 – “St.Petersburg noir”, gallery KultProject, Moscow, Russia

2013 – Art Prospect, CEC ARTS LINK, St.Petersburg, Russia

2013 – CYBEFEST 2013, THE WYE, CYLAND, Berlin, Germany

Violetta Gunina, Andrey Kalashnikov, Polina Korotaeva CV

Violetta Gunina (1990, Yaroslavl)

Architect, architecture critic, writer, musician, street artist

Studied at the State Technical University (Yaroslavl), Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Institute of design and urban geography

Andrey Kalashnikov (1994, Omsk)

2010 – 2012: studied at The Musical College N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov of Saint Petersburg (violin)

2013 – present: Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Culture (Faculty of Museology and Preserving cultural heritage)

Objects of interest: Russian avant-garde, contemporary art

Polina Korotaeva (1991, Bratsk, Irkutskaya obl.)


Studied at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television(Faculty of Production Director for film and television).


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