VCU Libraries Presents Digital Pragmata Initiative for Making New Things

VCU Libraries Digital Pragmata

Digital Pragmata is a digital arts and humanities initiative at Virginia Commonwealth University. Its goal is to bring together scholars, students, creators, and everyone interested in seeing the digital arts and humanities flourish, whether in the classroom, the studio, or research. The initiative is run by VCU Libraries in partnership with the Office of Research and Innovation.

Digital pragmata flourish at the nexus of research, teaching, and creativity. They can be textual databases, creative visualizations of information, multimedia explorations, collaboratively annotated maps, and a thousand other projects. How do they fit into a world built on books and scholarly journals? Will these new ways of communicating displace a world made on paper, or will they blend into new forms of scholarly expression that grow from the best of the past? What is truly novel and significant about recent developments in the digital humanities and what are the implications for the humanities in general?

Read more and join the discussion at the Digital Pragmata blog.