St. Petersburg based collaborative artistic collective, focused on creating spaces and experiences by exploring facets of interaction between audio and visual images with human emotions.

TUNDRA specializse in multi-media performances and interactive audio-visual installations. Their multidisciplinary team involves musicians, sound engineers, programmers and visual artists. The team is known for works presented at festivals of multi-media art in Russia, Asia and Europe. Most of TUNDRA works has been premiered, reviewed and highly acclaimed by high profile media like the Creators Project, FastCoDesign, Creative Applications, LSN and many others high profile media.

One of the first works by TUNDRA collective (“The Void”) was shown at prestigious 10th International Media Festival Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland, 2014). The video of this project was included in the ArtFutura Festival (Spain, 2014) program.

During 2014/15 years, TUNDRA presented their first large-scale sound and light kinetic sculptures HALO and HYPERJUMP at HPL Festival (Museum of Street Art) and at the First Cadet Corps (St.Petersburg), Mira Festival (Berlin). Which led to massive collaboration with Moscow based SILA SVETA team on EPICENTER project at ARMA17 (Moscow, 2015)

TUNDRA’s permanent installations have been presented at Center MARS (Moscow), Etagi Art Center (Saint-Petersburg) and D-Museum (Seoul)