Hermitage Workshop – Viipurin Kirjasto (Vyborg Library)

Filipp Trapeznikov, Polina Korotaeva, Yana Pitenko, Svetlana Lysenko

Viipurin Kirjasto (Vyborg Library)

00:03:37, video (FHD)

Recording Architecture is an educational project of the Hermitage Youth Center within the exhibition “Golden Generation. Modernism in Finnish Architecture and Design'” (The State Hermitage, 14th of November 2015 till 31st of January 2016). The project is dedicated to the modernist architecture that is represented by the unique buildings of St. Petersburg and Vyborg. The participants of the project perceived in their own manner the atmosphere of the places visited. As a result each team created their own short film about one of the five unique examples of modernist architecture. Personal stories told using the modern era format – video, brings to life the buildings of the bygone generation.

Curators: Elizaveta Kaluzhskaia, Artemy Baranov

Can music be tactual? Is it possible to hear through the touching how a bookcase, granite stone or banister curve sounds? Wood, glass, concrete are the notes out of which Alvar Aalto forms his symphony that we tried to hear and interpret.