Time Keeper Video Program

For the exhibition Time Keeper organized by CYLAND MediaArtLab and the WYE in 2012 parallel to Transmediale Leah Stultrager selected video works from the archive:

Boris Kazakov
Nestlings of Sea, 1996 5’39”

Nestlings of the Sea by Boris Kazakov

Plotless picture, in the technique of drawing on 35mm film. Source material – documentary films made in the Soviet amateur film studio in the 1970s. Caricature and change the semantic load of the primary archival records.

Yuliya Lanina
Mishka, 2007 4’41”

Mishka by Yuliya Lanina

“Mishka” is a playful depiction of human nature and of our culture.

Max Ilyukhin
The Cup, 1999 4’53”

The Cup Maxim Ilykhin

Short video picture about cup of coffee, recycling and black and white.

Kirill Shuvalov
Vertigo, 2003 01’43”

Vertigo by Kirill Shuvalov

The enigmatic guillotine-object for toy Barbie-dolls, constructed from the garbage bin. It is an allegory for the infinitely revolving wheel of life.