This is LINES, a Place for Discussion about Sound, Process and Technology


LINES is a gathering place for discussion about sound, process, and technology. To foster the exchange of ideas: an in-depth response to a newly discovered album, or a possible solution to a common programming/patching issue, or a curious use of toasted pumpkin seeds and mango.

LINES is supported by The monome community has brought together mostly people enthusiastic about grids. Yet much of the content generated has had a valuable, much broader appeal, and they would like to invite a greater audience beyond the (lovingly) grid-minded.

The new forum software: discourse contains modern facilities for community building and information sorting. It’s fast, it’s mobile, and it has excellent searchability. Well-designed community self-moderation is key. Categories outside of your interest can be easily muted.

In the end, LINES is a place will be determined by those who choose to use it.