The CYFEST-12 educational program is now online

Propositional music of many nows. Lecture by David Rosenboom. Photo: Anton Khlabov

The СYFEST-12 website was updated with 5 new educational videos. Lectures from internationally renowned artists, curators and researchers are now available online. 

— Experimental practice and content. Artist talk by Max Philipp Schmid

— What’s the matter with digitocene? Art in times of the digital and material confusion. Lecture by Eduard Khaiman

— Shifting educational landscapes. Lecture by Nina Czegledy

— Propositional music of many nows. Lecture by David Rosenboom

— Presentation of Centre Des Arts Digital Art Center and Bains Numériques festival. Lecture by Dominique Roland

The CYFEST-12 was held in St. Petersburg on November 13-23, 2019. The main project of the festival was shaped around identification as a phenomenon with a wide range of meanings – from the term in psychoanalysis (id) to the document that certifies one’s identity (ID). The CYFEST engaged seven largest city’s art spaces, more than 60 artists from 12 countries participated in the festival. 

The CYFEST 12 also included an extensive video (curated by Victoria Ilyushkina), sound (curated by Sergei Komarov) and educational programs.

The educational program consisted of a series of lectures by William Latham (UK) and Lance Putnam (UK/USA), Max Philipp Schmid (Switzerland), Eduard Khaiman (Russia), Boris Magrini (Switzerland), Nina Czegledy (Canada), David Rosenboom (USA), Sergey Teterin (Russia/Lithuania) and Dominique Roland (France). 

Lectures are available online on the CYFEST-12 website, as well as on the official YouTube channel of the CYLAND Media Art Lab.