Studio International Publishes Interview with Alexandra Dementieva

Studio International publishes an interview between Natasha Kurchanova and Alexandra Dementieva. The interview covers Dementieva’s recent exhibition “10 Installations” at the MMOMA, produced by CYLAND MediaArtLab.

In this interview, Alexandra Dementieva shares her thoughts on the purpose of art and technologies, her inspirations and the use of technologies to engage an audience. Her interactive installation projects attempt to widen the mind’s potential for perception using different production materials: computers, video projections, soundtracks, slides, photography, etc. The projects explore the spectator’s depths of perceptual experience and the interaction of the individual spectator with the exhibition as well as with other visitors. The subject of an installation or its production method becomes less important to her than the mind of the user. Thus the latter becomes the center of the project or the main actor in the performance.

Alexandra Dementieva’s “Ten Installations”, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Photography by Eugeniy Gurko

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