Sónar+D, the International Conference on Creativity and Technology

Sónar+D is the international conference that brings together a combination of activities with a common theme: the relationship between creativity and technology, and the digital transformation of the cultural industries involved. The 2016 edition’s taking place May 16, 17, 18 in Barcelona in Fira Montjuïc includes Brian Eno, Universal Visual Artists, Royal College of Art, Google Data Arts, Arts @ Cern, Semiconductor, and others.

Data with Art: Google Data Arts and Domestic Data Streamers
From Sónar+D Talk: Data with Art: Google Data Arts and Domestic Data Streamers

The celebration, parallel to Sónar by Day, and brings together experts from around the world (technicians, entrepreneurs, artists, companies and researchers) to present initiatives and tools that will shape future creative experiences in the fields of music, visuals, interactive content and transmedia platforms.

Sónar+D is a meeting point with an interdisciplinary approach. It targets professionals within the creative, technological and cultural industries to pursue their interaction. The conference facilitates the exchange of knowledge, debate, exhibiting talent, and generating business opportunities. In more than two decades of existence, Sónar has made a name for itself in the discovery of emerging artists and music, giving it value as a multidisciplinary cultural event.

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