SCREEN_ Produces Monthly Artworks via Email


SCREEN_ [read “screenspace”] is a email-based art “space” that produces monthly artworks, sent/received via email.

Email often acts as a container or vehicle for disseminating images of art, but here it becomes an art object in its own right. Our inboxes already constitute private, unorthodox art viewing spaces; we encounter art related emails almost daily. But these emails are mostly cropped and reframed as press releases and show announcements. SCREEN_ looks to the history of Ray Johnson and Fluxus mail art as it seeks to create a distinct system of art dissemination and reception.

Each participating artist creates a unique artwork for each installment. Email recipients are asked to subscribe. This opt-in structure is meant to elicit an engaged audience and help the project avoid spam status.

Mailchimp is used as the project’s platform. Mailchimp is the default art professional newsletter generator. This project encourages artists to hack the format, write their own code, ignore design standards and make something that is specific to the form.

Subsribe to SCREEN_ at