This Interactive Audio Documentary Lets You Explore Children’s Dreams

RadioEight lives at the intersection of audio documentary and interactive to offer an alternate measure of our condition on the planet: the subconscious dreams of the world’s children. Inspired by the concept of an 8th continent to which all children belong, RadioEight is an interactive soundscape dedicated to the hidden world of dreams.

By exploring the world of subconscious childhood dreams, RadioEight unlocks deep human connections that eliminate the barriers of geography, culture, language, politics, and economic status.

RadioEight Screenshot

The project is centered on the dreams of children 7–13 as a developmental time when children begin to turn their focus away from their family, to the world beyond. The visions of earth’s youngest global citizens provide raw, moving answers toward creating a more emotionally connected humanity.

RadioEight was conceived and created by Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore of Yonder, and made in collaboration with Belle & Wissell, Co. Original music by Jesse Solomon Clark.