Public Conversation on Learning/Education


Post Pandemic Provocateurs

Public Conversation on Learning/Education
SEPTEMBER 26/27, 2020

On behalf of the Post Pandemic Provocateurs (PPP) initiative we invite you to participate on September 26/27, 2020 in a special Public Conversation on the topic of Learning/Education.

Soh Yeong Roh (South Korea)
Fred Paulino (Brazil)
Adam Somlai-Fischer (Hungary)
Marcus Neustetter (South Africa/ Austria)
Jo Wei (China)

– will tell us about the current COVID 19 learning environment from they own local context.

They may not share disciplines, BUT they share the conviction that it is urgent to teach learning (beyond established curricula) such as eliminating racism and world?wide Xenophobia, but also how to learn to forget some social customs (e.g. handshakes) that help propagate COVID19.

PPP – Nina Czegledy, Roger Malina, Vania Negrete, Joel Slayton and Marcus Neustetter

The public conversation will be joined by a live participatory performance Whose Imaginary Future? by Marcus Neustetter and collaborators in South Africa with a call and response to one another from across space and within multiple artistic disciplines, supported by the <> partners.

Saturday September 27 1:00 AM Moscow Time

which is the same time in:

Saturday September 26 17:00 Dallas, Texas US & Mexico City. Mexico
Saturday September 26 18:00 Toronto, Canada
Saturday September 26 19:00 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Sunday September 27 00:00 Budapest, Hungary & Johannesburg, South Africa
Sunday September 27 06:00 Beijing China
Sunday September 27 07:00 Seoul, South Korea

*Please note that for some in different time zones the date is extending to September 27

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