PROVMYZA – Inspiration



00:30:00, HD 2-Channel Video

Mysterious human figures, head down, are moving along the river. The colors of their clothes are mixed with green and brown muddy water and mud. The gestures and choreography of their bodies and the elements of nature mark the slow passing of time. Powerful, disturbing and incomprehensible, with an extraordinary technical and formal care, the new video of the pair of Russian artists Myznikova and Provorov (together they are known as Provmyza) is a new chapter in their creation, a primitive apocalyptic dimension, in which humanity and its rituals seem to appear for the first time; Man and Nature celebrate the ritual of their meeting.

A certain expression philosophical views about the Nature, making impression of inner and immanent unity, essential sameness of Man and Nature. The Nature here is not so much part of space with the figures of people located in it. There is a certain environment reproducing a certain state of the soul. It is the world of slowed down time, metamorphoses of space, tense silence and, finally, poetics of anxiety.

Narration here is dissolved in system of visual images, leaving only sensations.Steered only by the river current the boat is left to the mercy of wild Nature. The people have stiffened in tense expectation and stare into the water depths. Certain tension between the water and the people arises in the boat with an expectation that something is about to happen. The river tempts the people to be forever upset, lost and drowned in the strange and restless environment.

The people veiled by trees and bushes, a strange creature hiding in the water, the faces covered by hair – all of these create an atmosphere of obscurity, secrecy and invisibility. The vagueness and mysteriousness of the actions as well as the unsteadiness of the arising images create an effect of anxious observation of Nature and represent the theme of human hopelessness and despair.