CYLAND is also educational organization. It helps artists to get oriented in the world of cutting-edge technologies, and it provides support in the form of computer programming, engineering, equipment and information.

CYLAND organizes exhibitions, workshops and seminars. It participates in international festivals, competitions as well as in web-based projects and educational programs.

CYLAND has archive of video art, which is one of the biggest in Russia and only in Russia which is available on Internet.

CYLAND is an open organization that always welcomes artistic, technological, informational and organizational initiatives. The circle of CYLAND partners is constantly expanding.

CYLAND collaborates with museums, galleries, universities, information resources, research facilities and other media labs.

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LASER: Cyland (LASER SAINT-PETERSBURG) on the Chaos and Cosmos Theme

Featured Lectures:

CYFEST 12 Lectures in Saint-Petersburg (November, 2019)  

Feb. 2, 2019 — Alessandro Sciaraffa and Valentino Catricala (Italy), “Symphony of Alessandro Sciaraffa” (at the CYFEST12 in Saint-Petersburg)

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