CYLAND began their annual festival in 2007, in their home base of St Petersburg, Russia. Over the following editions, this event grew to be housed across the city’s most prestigious institutions.

Showcasing over 80 artists from 20 countries in a single festival, CYLAND grew from the original to the biggest New Media event in Russia.

In 2013, CYLAND expanded the 7th annual edition of their festival for the first time outside of Russia.

Still dedicated to bringing international New Media talent, press, and resources to Russia – traveling abroad opened additional potential for discourse among global innovation community.

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CYLAND’S supports production and exhibit of Visual Art year round.

Emerging and established, local or international – selected artists are provided resources from technicians to equipment and professional development. Collaboration is encouraged via a residency program.

Eastern European art is often paired with New Media pieces from international talents in CYLAND’s festival as well as in individual exhibitions.

Known foremost for their festival, CYLAND’s individual exhibits have provided high profile opportunities for many talents to have work seen, promoted, and at times acquired.

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CYLAND maintains a curated Video Archive collection of over 400 video works by 100 artists and 20 art groups from Russia.

Works selected from 30 international artists round out the present, growing collection. The works exemplify the diversity of video as an artistic medium and include experimental films, computer graphics, 3D animation, stop motion animation, live footage, poetry videos as well as documentation of installations, performances or workshops.

While growing their video collection and adapting it to exist in a world of ever changing technologies, CYLAND is proud to announce a partnership with ascribe whose new bitchain technology allows video artworks to be uniquely digitally identified, traced, preserved, and authenticated.

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The CYLAND Audio Archive (CAA) explores possibilities of exhibiting, the archival posterity in and possibilities of Sound Art as a medium.

CAA has created a platform to allow free, publicly accessible listening for Sound Art online as well as producing tangible records of Sound Art in limited editions. The published editions of Sound Art records are made of contemporary polycarbonate – a durable and historically established means of storing sound works in context to the digital files of these works available online.

CAA’s goal is to create an archive of contemporary noise early experimentalists to present day Sound pioneers alongside art comprised of other tech based mediums.

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CYLAND is also educational organization. It helps artists to get oriented in the world of cutting-edge technologies, and it provides support in the form of computer programming, engineering, equipment and information.

CYLAND organizes exhibitions, workshops and seminars. It participates in international festivals, competitions as well as in web-based projects and educational programs.

CYLAND has archive of video art, which is one of the biggest in Russia and only in Russia which is available on Internet.

CYLAND is an open organization that always welcomes artistic, technological, informational and organizational initiatives. The circle of CYLAND partners is constantly expanding.

CYLAND collaborates with museums, galleries, universities, information resources, research facilities and other media labs.

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