Pratt Digital Arts Class Visits CYFEST-12 at the Made in NY Media Center

This Thursday, December 6th, students of the Pratt Institute visited the Made in NY Media Center where CYLAND MediaArtLab is preparing CYFEST-12 premiere.


For CYFEST, Pratt Digital Arts MFA students made a special video installation project curated by Carla Gannis. Designed to explore the genetic and memetic evolution, devolution, and re-evolution of the human consciousness. These topics, represented by three interconnecting 45-second animated loops, combine to tell a story about our collective personhood.

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CYFEST-12: ID premieres December 13th at the renowned Made in NY Media Center BY IFP. The inaugural event will set in motion it’s year-long, multi-city festival; geared towards exhibiting new media work which explores the dynamics of identity in our ever-expanding digital culture; focusing on levels of tech:intimacy, self augmentation, identity health, and technological personas at large.

For more information on CYFEST-12 please visit this page.