Open Call Results for CYFEST 11’s Digital Media Screening Announced

CYLAND MediaArtLab announces the video art works which will be included CYFEST 11’s Digital Media Screening in St. Petersburg and New York.

The CYFEST 11 DIGITAL MEDIA Program “To Touch The Sky” is a curated selection of video works by established and emerging artists.

We would like to thank every artist for their submission to CYFEST 11’s Digital Media Screening! This year we received a lot of submissions from all over the world. All applications were thoroughly reviewed by our team of curators, who devoted great care and attention to details while choosing each video. Now we are pleased to announce the participants of the video program this year:

  • Alexander Borisov
  • Mark Cypher
  • Kseniia Galkina
  • Ariane Loze
  • Egor Kraft, Pekka Tynkkynen, Alina Kvirkveliya & Karina Golubenko
  • Maxim Svishyov
  • Alexander Dupuis
  • Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai
  • Ben Grosser
  • Kuesti Fraun
  • Eden Mitsenmacher with Rebecca Tritschler
  • Dagnini
  • Greg Marshall
  • Andréa Stanislav
  • Tanya Akhmetgalieva
  • Alexander Senko
  • Elena Gubanova & Ivan Govorkov
  • Andrey Kasay
Still from “Spacial Bodies” by AUJIK

The program of the international video & media artworks “To Touch The Sky” curated by Victoria Ilyushkina will be screened at The Made In New York Media Center By IFP (Brooklyn, New York) as part of CYFEST.

Open call results for installation part will be announced later.