Open Call for Sound Artists — #oneononecyland

Broken Vows, Tension by Alexey Grachev. CYFEST-12, 2019
Broken Vows, Tension by Alexey Grachev. CYFEST-12, 2019

CYLAND MediaArtLab invites sound artists to submit works on/about #oneononecyland.

Call open: April 12, 2020

Deadline for submission of proposals: May 20, 2020

Winners will be announced before June, 15

Curator: Sergey Komarov, CYFEST Sound Program & CYLAND Audio Archive Curator

«In these difficult times, we want to support Russian and international sound artists and use this time of isolation to the benefit of art. Now that most of us are confined to our respective homes, we have the opportunity to focus and reflect on our situation, and to channel our energy in a creative direction. As part of the project, we want to document the processes that take place in the art world under stay-at-home orders/quarantines, to make visible the work that goes on in self-organized home “workshops” around the world.

For this open-call we’re accepting works of sound art, conceptual ideas expressed in sound, reflecting on the transformations that take place in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The result will be a double CD, the first part of which will contain works from the competition’s shortlist and the second — the winner’s artwork». — Sergey Komarov 

Prize Fund

Since many artists are in a difficult situation now because of the systemic cancellation of the events, shows and exhibitions, we decided to offer a money reward to the winners: a modest one for getting to the short list ($100) and a more considerable one ($500) for the first place plus the production of the full version of the artwork for the CD.

Application Process & Technical Requirements

Competition is open, please upload your artworks to with description and sketch pictures if needed. Duration is up to 6 minutes, 3 artworks per artist maximum. Please use #oneononecyland tag. Links should be sent to