Oleg Elagin – Bootscreen

Oleg Elagin


Digital video / 00:03:06 / 4:3 / loop

In constant chaotically changing space there is one constant dimension – the defective pixels shown in the film. Only casually deteriorated fragments remain stable in the course of loading and expectation. Despite seeming simplistic and sending to ready-made video, it is possible to consider bootscreen as the high-grade film. Scripted soundtracks, a storyboard, become an intra personal installation at a post production stage. Shootings were made from the monitor in special non-glare film studio. A bright dot defect is a group of three sub-pixels (one pixel) all of whose transistors are“off” for “TN” panels or stuck “on” for “MVA”/”PVA” panels.This allows all light to pass through to the RGB layer,creating a bright white pixel that is always on.