New Album Release Featured in CYLAND Audio Archive

CYLAND Media ArtLab has recently added the new album release to its Audio Archive (CAA), which explores possibilities of exhibiting, the archival posterity in and possibilities of sound art as a medium. CAA-26 features experimental work by Esther & Nikolaj Søndergaard and available online from our Bandcamp account:

CYLAND Audio Archive CAA-26

Esther Søndergaard, a Danish physiologist, and Nikolaj Søndergaard, an engineer, are a married couple from Copenhagen. Inspired by the electronic sound in the 70s, they recorded these interesting works using medical and scientific equipment among other as a hobby. Their main goal was to engage a human body in the process of controlling the track. The parameters of natural processes, such as heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing became the triggers and the basis for the improvisation. Luckily, Copenhagen is an unofficial capital of world’s vibration and acoustic measurement. Such monsters of this industry as Brüel & Kjær and Ortofon have their headquarters here. Nikolaj worked at a big architect firm where he performed acoustic measurements of both new buildings and old houses that require restoration. Thus Esther and Nikolaj had access to different equipment that has to do with fixation and examination of acoustic data and were experienced in using it.

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