NATURE MORTE Exhibition by Petr Belyi and Petr Shvetsov

The exhibition by frequent CYLAND MediaArtLab collaborators and CYBERFEST participants Petr Belyi and Petr Shvetsov opened September 12, 2014 at the FRANTS GALLERY SPACE in New York. This exhibition, entitled NATURE MORTE, reconstructed the apartment with unlimited artistic powers, endowing household objects with an absolute freedom of self-determination, which is unthinkable in the real life, by arranging almost metaphysical still lives.

HOUSE PLANT RIOT – a transformative installation by Petr Belyi

An ordinary glass of water, viewed as the art object, provides an infinite field of possible interpretations. The longer one looks at it, the father away the applied meaning moves, giving place to the aesthetic value and the form. Reflections, overlappings, intermixtures, penetrations — the illusory nature of material world creates a certain new household poetics. Apartment exhibitions facilitate the penetration of household things into art in the best possible way. The apartment space cannot be transformed into the exhibition space in its entirety; characteristics of its inhabitants show through crystal chandeliers, curtains or wall’s color. The artists create a sense of the absurdity of goings-on, disturbing the customary state of affairs and balancing on the border of art-not-art, as if engendering a special type of object that exists simultaneously on several terrains.

Petr Belyi and Petr Shvetsov have participated in CYLAND MediaArtLab projects such as CYBERFEST and CAPITAL OF NOWHERE with thought-provoking installations carefully crafted installations.