Natalia Egorova – Don’t Be Silent! Speak!

Natalia Egorova

Don’t Be Silent! Speak!

Art video, performance, body

HD Mp4, 00:08:29

Nathalia Egorova’s newest work Don’t be silent! Speak! consists in the wordless confrontation between a stick and a tongue. The stick is a symbol for education, correction, strict upbringing,pain, censorship, repression. While the stick`s elasticity increases the pain, the elasticity of the tongue helps to pronounce the sound of different languages. Even if not speaking, the tongue is a symbol for freedom, expression and frivolity. How much correction can each of these subjects bear? The tongue is not only a sensitive organ which gives us the ability to taste, phonate and articulate, but it can also, though non-verbal, take part in the discussion about body and gender.To correct and limit these two expressional tools of human freedom means to punish mankind for its fundamental rights.