Myriam Thyes – Smart Pantheon (Short Version)

Myriam Thyes

Smart Pantheon (short version)

00:05:50, HD video, b/w, stereo

Director, concept, camera, editing, effects, sound: Myriam Thyes

2nd camera and 2nd sound recording: Monika Pirch

Alpha channel masks: Nikolaus Burhenne

Hands of various people use their smartphones. The displays don’t show any app – only the sensual movements of the hands count. Each pair of hands plays both roles from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” at the Sistine Chapel: God father and Adam, whos fingers touch each other. Smartphones are the new saints to which we cling and who guide us on our ways – they are the amulets of our time.

This short version is for all sorts of screenings, from very small (e.g. in a smartphone) to larger monitors or cinema screens.