Mikroton Recordings Rebranding


MIKROTON, an independent electronic music label, has announced its catalog closure and rebranding.

«I decided to close MIKROTON. 24.09.2008 — 01.03.2021. It will be still possible to buy releases from our distributors like SoundOhm, Squidco Sales, Tobira Records, Art Into Life, Ftarri, Boomkat.com. I will remove a lot of Mikroton releases from the site of TON and our bandcamp store and will leave only my selection of what I think were the best ones. The site and the store will be a home to the new label TON with new releases coming out in November 2021 — January 2022. I’m waiting till the borders will be open between the EU states and Russia and I don’t really like to start the new label during the pandemic and lockdowns worldwide. TON is about absolutely another kind of music (ambient and dub techno) and I want to disconnect it from the stylistic reputation of Mikroton». — Kurt Liedwart

Mikroton Recordings is an independent record label for experimental electronic music, founded by Kurt Liedwart and based in Moscow, Russia. Mikroton works with a wide range of musicians working in the field of electronic music. It usually publishes drone, ambient, electronic, experimental music and works with mixed electronic and acoustic instrumentation, trying to research a land between electronic and acoustic fields. Mikroton Recordings also hosts concerts in Moscow and worldwide and ran Teni Zvuka, Swiss Noise and Mikroton Mikroten festivals. In 2021 the record label was rebranded to TON editions.

Kurt Liedwart is a sound artist, graphic designer and curator based in Russia. He has developed his own art and sound that combine accuracy of technology and imperfection of life, the use of the raw and processed. His diverse body of works — performances, sound diffusions, recordings, graphic design — helps to heighten the audience’s awareness of the present moment and enhance their sense of what exists on the edge of perception. As a curator, Liedwart launched Mikroton Recordings in 2008 and Mikroton Live in 2013. His recorded sound works have been released by Mikroton Recordings, Mikroton Digital, Intonema, Hideous Replica, Copy For Your Records, Creative Sources, Untitled Folder, and others.