Medialab-Prado Publishes Visualizar’16 Call for Collaborators

Medialab-Prado publishes a call to collaborate in the international visualization projects workshop Visualizar’16 Ciudades abiertas, Open Cities that will be carried out from September 26 to October 5, 2016. Collaborators will participate in the production of the selected projects (and participate in the call for projects as well).

Registration is free and the deadline is one week before the begining of the workshop, September 19. Medialab-Prado offers free lodging to collaborators in youth hostels during the workshop (limited seating, shall on request and by order of registration, until September 26.

Medialab-Prado Visualizar'16

The collaborator is basic in the planning and development of the workshops at Medialab-Prado, thus these are conceived as spaces for collaborative work, knowledge exchange and theoretical and practical training. It is an environment in which there is a horizontal relationship among mentors, developers and collaborators.

According to its field of interest, each collaborator can be part of the development team in more than one of the selected proposals bringing his/her knowledge and ideas to the workgroup and, at the same tieme, learning from the groups and the mentors. However, we suggest that employees focus on a proposal to ensure greater commitment with it during all phases of the workshop.

As it is specified in the rules, the names of the collaborators will appear in the project’s credits. Also, Medialab-Prado will give a document certifying the participation in the workshop to all the participants that request it.

If you are interested, fill the form that you will find at