Maxim Svishev & Andrey Svibovitch – Outside the Window

Maxim Svishev & Andrey Svibovitch

Outside the Window

Video documentation of installation

This work was initially created for a space at the Transport Academy. The image of the track of a tractor   is a phantom connecting the eras, as the time is grinding space. The installation is vertical, placing the   viewer in a confined space from where it feels as if the giant track of a tank is approaching. But the light   shining through it is the light of a remaining hope that the grinding destructive motion can be stopped. The   clanging sound of the tracks transforms into the solemn cosmic enlightenment of a choral. The installation   was exhibited at the parallel program of the European biennale of contemporary art Manifesta 10 in 2014   in St. Petersburg and is the artist’s presentiment on the recent events of growing aggression in the world.

Andrey Svibovich

Creator of the projects Poliar Poliar and The Voices of St. Petersburg has also worked under his real   name, Svibovich. Member of the III art group. Organizer of music events in and outside St. Petersburg,   collaborated with Western artists and Russian labels such as Nervmusic, How2Make and Safe’N’Sound.   Frequent participant of the Electro-Mechanica festival. Published on the Music Kollektive. Worked as a   sound designer and audio artist: Unsubdued 17 studio, Loft Project Etagi, contemporary art museums   and galleries, Erarta, Compot gallery, Pro Arte foundation for arts and culture.