Ludmila Belova – Pastorale


15 figures of plastic material printed on 3D printer,
acrylic glass 90 by 52 cm
monitor, media player, video MPEG4

Ludmila Belova – artist, concept author
Alexey Grachev – printing on 3D printer, technical support

Copies of the statuette of a strolling girl from the 1950s are produced by a 3D printer. All together, they create a circle dance of sorts and seem to dance on the digital grass that quivers and falls into pixels on the monitor’s screen. This “pastorale” is complemented by the music of Jean-Baptiste Lully and prattle of electronic birds.

Pastorale Ludmila Belova
Exhibition “Pastorale”, Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia 2016