Ludmila Belova – Assembly

Ludmila Belova


Size / Duration
DVD mpg , 5 min 50″
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My first visit to the Hermitage was in my childhood. My recollection of this event consists of everything on the equal basis: pictures, door knobs, sculpture and “golden” ceilings, marble staircases, fragrances, talk of the guides and buzz of the rooms. And of course tiredness as after a long walk. Usually after the first visit to the Hermitage one has some sort of kaleidoscope left in his memories. There is amazement and sensation of a beautiful and festive labyrinth.
The sound-track is a mix of classical and modern music. The video track shows the Hermitage ceilings with the “looking-glass” effect. The sound and the picture give an impression of “beauty vertigo”, the state in which visitor leaves the Hermitage.