Look at the World’s First Tattoo Made by Industrial Robot

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French designers Pierre Emm and Johan da Silver have realised longed-for idea of making a machine that could automatically create tattoos taken from a bank of images. The project was carried out during the artists stay at the Pier 9 Residency with the help from the Autodesk Applied Research Lab.

World’s First Tattoo by Industrial Robot from Pier 9 on Vimeo

From the words of creators “the biggest difficulty was to repeat the same exercise on a curve surface and on a material that has much more flexibility than silicone. Many tricks were tried to tighten the area around the skin ( a metal ring, elastics, scotch tape…) but the most effective one was a scooter’s inner tube, open on the area to be marked.”

Learn more about the project at http://www.appropriateaudiences.net/