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Joanna Bonder


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This video work refers to the symbolism of ten numbers. Numbers themselves are an abstract concept, however they have hidden symbolic content when they relate to something particular.

Long before the appearance of writing, a gesture- symbol was used as an expression of the communication. In order to explain a concept -a symbolic thinking was applied. In order to explain different phenomenons, activities or objects,  each social group decided on a set of signs understandable for them, consequently there are numerous culturally differentiated areas all over the world. Going into details of each sign from 0 to 9 however, one can find some convergences in thinking as a result of for instance human body anatomy. Symbols are doubled and replicated, their similarity of meaning but at the same time the surprising dissimilarity of thinking about the same sign, validity and  explicitly of each of the approaches.

In my work I am concentrating on the symbolism of the first ten numbers as they make possible showing any other real value.