Ivan Sotnikov, Irina Vasilyeva – Morte Natura

Ivan Sotnikov, Irina Vasilyeva

Morte Natura

Animation, MPEG PAL 720×576, 00:02:54

Merry dance of the skeletons in Morte Natura is related to the medieval tradition of Dance Macabre (Dance of Death), an allegory of the futility of human existence.This isn’t the first collaboration of artists Irina Vasilyeva and Ivan Sotnikov. Those authors, famous individually, regularly create collective works of art. The Pushmi-pullyu sculpture (1994), MORTE NATURE project (2006), SSUCH (2008) and Marine Alphabet (2009) animated movies, floating sculptures in Kolomyagi and standing sculptures in Krasnoyarsk – that’s not an exhaustive list of their collective works.