Installation by Anna Frants is Now a Part of The Lab at Showfields in New-York

Anna Frants’ No. 0 installation is now a part of THE LAB at SHOWFIELDS in New York. This site-specific installation can be accessed on the 2nd floor and encourages multidimensional interaction with the public.

SHOWFIELDS is a revolutionary retail concept built to engage and inspire your sense of discovery through revolving experiences with the brands and communities shaping our future. SHOWFIELDS partners with brands to create a stage for immersive storytelling and unlock new offline channels for growth. In The Lab, you can shop the favorite items of the employees at SHOWFIELDS.

Previously, CYLAND MediaArtLab participated at the SHOWFIELDS exhibition curated by Tam Gryn and Sharit Kassab, which explored how the line between online and offline experiences has become increasingly blurred.


From SHOWFIELDS PAST X PRESENT exhibition opening