In memoriam. Skyline by Alexander Terebenin at GROUND Solyanka, Moscow

Alexander Terebenin, Skyline, video installation, 2009
Alexander Terebenin, Skyline, video installation, 2009

The CYLAND video archive and the GROUND Solyanka gallery present «Skyline» – a video installation by the Petersburg artist Alexander Terebenin. The work is being shown on the eve of an exhibition which CYLAND MediaArtLab is organizing in Petersburg in memory of the artist.

«Skyline» is one of Terebenin’s key video installations. Skyline features photos showing the walls of buildings in St. Petersburg. Traces of paint, plaster and rust on peeling walls form dramatic landscapes – without houses, trees, or people, wastelands from the Earth before Adam or after a global disaster.

«Skyline» was shown at CYFEST-7 (2013) in Berlin at the WYE.

As part of the exhibition, a recording will be shown of a lecture given by Terebenin for students of the PRO Arte School of the Young Artist (Pushkinskaya 10 Art center, 2018).

«I became interested in ruination and deconstruction as soon as I began taking photographs. I am attracted by the pungency and pain of these images, these unexpected compositions that arise, graphic and colorful, abstract or even surrealist. Over time, I found I had so many images that I was able to sort them into cycles and series. When I enter a new space, I almost automatically identify the objects and angles that demand to be recorded.

Instead of the feeling of shame and revulsion which the objects of my interest usually evoke in an ordinary person, I experience joy and aesthetic satisfaction. This is not perversion, but the chance to see and show others the broad spectrum of Beauty in the world around us.»

A. Terebenin

On photography

Alexander Terebenin (1959-2021) – photographer, artist, curator. Graduated from the Architectural College in Leningrad, USSR. A professional photographer, Terebenin also created art objects and installations. He participated in over 70 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are held in the collections of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg; Kolodzei Art Foundation (USA), as well as in other public and private collections in Russia, USA, Israel, Germany and Finland. He was the curator of the art projects “Conversion” (2012) and “Signal” (2014). Winner of the Innovation Prize (Russia) for the best curatorial project of 2014 (in collaboration with Peter Belyi). 

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