HOLO 2 Magazine – The Future is (Out) Now!

Towering installations visualize scientific data, projectors beam kaleidoscopic animations onto sculptural forms, responsive 3D-printed environments mimic life—as consumer electronics become indistinguishable from science fiction, contemporary artists and designers are prototyping fantastical futures before our very eyes. HOLO, a biannual magazine introduced by CreativeApplications.Net, is a thorough record of timely trends and paradigms, mixing long-form journalism with striking photography in premium print.

From the paradoxical nature of our impending quantum (computing)future to the enduring mystery of the Big Bang; the ideas exploredin HOLO 2 could not be any bigger – and it shows! HOLO 2 contains 236 pages of ‘emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology’.

HOLO 2 CreativeApplications.Net

It’s no surprise that insatiable curiosity mixed with, at times, stubborn determination yielded another beast of a magazine – at 236 pages, HOLO 2 is not only bigger than our first outing; it surpasses it in many ways! CreativeApplications.Net have never worked with so many contributors across such great distances, or dove deeper into the past to understand the present – art and science have come a little closer together again.

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