Hear what you see by Sascha Bachmann at the Reclaim Art Exhibition in Cologne

Hear what you see by Sascha Bachmann
Hear what you see by Sascha Bachmann

Audiovisual vector synthesis (oscilloscope music) is a specific technology, which renders images by sending voltage signals representing the horizontal and vertical axes of a vector image to a Cathode Ray Tube monitor*. The images generated using this technique are born and exist along with sound and due to their hybrid nature are very popular among experimental media artists.

«Hear what you see» is a series of oscilloscope images by CAA artist and musician Sascha Bachmann, which this August will be shown at the Reclaim Art Exhibition in Cologne.

«We all love to see things growing and I’m super excited to give you a little peek into my newest artwork “hear what you see”. I’m honored to be featured at the Reclaim Art Exhibition in Köln, Germany. They picked 44 pictures by international artists to be presented on big street ads. For those who are not in Köln the exhibition is also available online.» — Sascha Bachmann


Reclaim is a collective of individuals initiating an award in Cologne that redefines public space as a place for art. The Reclaim collective rent billboards and make them available to artists as their individual exhibition space. By creating this award, the Reclaim collective contributes to the city’s appeal and enriches its cultural life. The prize is to be awarded regularly once a year in Cologne. Billboards will be reclaimed from their mere commercial use by turning them into spaces of artistic expression and reflection. Their panels become experimental spaces. Depicting diversity, they are inspiring dispute about the use of public space and serve the individual expression of the independent artists. 

The Reclaim Collective stages an exhibition in the heart of Cologne for the third time. From August 21-30, artists are shown on the surfaces with the highest visibility: On large-format billboards. 

Sascha Bachmann is a musician based in Berlin. You may remember his latest release at the CYLAND Audio Archive. 

«On the 25.08.21, 3-11pm (CEST) I will be showing my live installation “Music for Walkman”. You can listen to it or be part of the live event at the Spielerei in Woltersdorf. From 5-6:30pm we will talk about music and at 11pm I will do a 4 hour ambient podcast. Don’t be shy, just tune in!» — Sascha Bachmann