Group “Soap” CV

The group was founded in 2007 by Semen Motolyanets and Dmitry Petuhov.

S. Motolyanets graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Art Academy A.L. Shtiglic, specialization «Monumental painting». D.Petuhov graduated from Saint-Petersburg Theatre Academy, specialization «Production designer».


2009 Nominee, All-Russian Contemporary Visual Art Competition INNOVATION, «New Generation»

2011 Grant. The PRO ARTE Foundation. Installation in Museum of Hygiene

2012 Grant. Residence ART-Kommunalka, Kolomna, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Selected Exhibitions

2012 “Rejection”. Anna Nova Art Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012 “State of things”. Residence ART-Kommunalka, Kolomna, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Nordic Art Today”. Loft Project Etagi, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum”. The PRO ARTE Foundation, Museum of Hygiene, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Russian Povera”. Milan, Italy

2011 Media Night “Parents and Children”. The Anna Akhmatova Museum at The Fountain House, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Housing Question”. Modernariat Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010 The 1st Ural Indastrial Biennial of Contemporary Art. Performance “Workweek”. Special programm. Factory URALMASH. Yekaterinburg, Russia

2010 Installation “Amber room”. Museum “PERMM”. Perm, Russia

2010 “Gold fro People”. Samara Art-Center. Performance “Figure skating”. Samara, Russia

2010 Festival “Zhivaya PERM”. “Hydroponics” exhibition of Young Artists from Saint-Petersburg. Installation “Amder room”. Perm, Russia

2010 Installation “Happiness is the way between work and home”. The Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art “Erarta”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010 Exhibition of Nominees for the  All-Russian Contemporary Visual Art Competition INNOVATION. Performance “Figure skating on the soap”. Moscow Exhibition Hall NCCA, Moscow, Russia

2010 “Penetration” V GALLERY. Object “Ablution”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2010 “Chinese Pavillion”. Borey Gallery. Object “Olympic Gold”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2009 “HOME, SWEET HOME”. Exhibition Hall. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2009 “Gold for people”. Russian Pavillion in International Biennale “Dialogues”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2009 “Museum Project”. LUDA Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2008 Performance “Sopa Monument”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2008 “Eluding Russian Literature. Soap Pieces”. Gallery”10 x 15″, Saint-Petersburg, Russia