Future Votives of Lesser Gods, Workshop at the State Hermitage

On December 2, the last day of the 9th CYFEST in St. Petersburg, the workshop Future Votives of Lesser Gods was held by the American artists at the Youth Educational Center of the State Hermige. Patchen and Gannis moved participants of the master class several decades forward in time where they will look at e-waste and an opportunity to utilize it not from a point of view of today’s user, but as creators of the future.

The artists Peter Patchen and Carla Gannis, Chair and Assistant Chair of the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute, will offer to the master class’ participants the objects that were found during an “archeological dig” at InterSteel Ltd, a St. Petersburg-based company that deals with e-waste, for the 3D scanning, processing and using for creation of a physical 3D collage. The combination and modification of e-waste will create new hybrid forms calling into question the way future generations of people (or other creatures) would perceive the obsolete technology separated from its functions.


The workshop’s purpose was to create a collection of “future remains” – the votives of our secularized epoch.

Future Votives of Lesser Gods recording is now available:

In Vilnius, Lithuania. Gruodžio 2 d. 17:30 val. Kazimiero Simonavičiaus universitete (KSU) vyks tele-tiltas iš vieno garsiausių Rusijos Ermitažo muziejų (Sankt Peterburgo). Kūrybines dirbtuves, paskaitas ves Peter’is Patchen’as ir Carla Gannis.