Frants Gallery Space Hosts the Volumetric Society’s Workshop in New York

Frants Gallery Space hosted Drawing the Third Dimension workshop exploring Max/MSP Jitter and OpenGL frameworks as tools for 3D video production on December 7, 2013.

Limited to 15 places this beginner’s workshop is organized by Ellen Pearlman and taught by Tommy Martinez. Ellen Pearlman is a New Media Artist, Writer, Curator, Critic, who gave a thought-provoking presentation on The New Aesthetic And The Digital Divide during CYBERFEST 2012. She is also a director and curator for the Volumetric Society, an eclectic group of innovators exploring the arts & sciences of a new world of natural user interfaces between body, brain, and spatially aware computing for the physical world. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and projects and getting exposed to the volumetric future the devices such as Kinect, Emotiv/MindWare, volumetric 3D displays, cameras and telematic interfaces.