“Finding Freedom in Russian Art” Exhibition at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“Finding freedom in Russian Art, 1961-2013” exhibition opened on September 6 at Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum and features work by CYLAND MediaArtLab founder Anna Frants. Exhibit selections from the Kolodzei Art Foundation and the Collection of Dr. Wayne F. Yakes hightlight several stages in the evolution of nonconformist and independent art in Soviet Russia and its transition to the new democratic Russia.

‘Storm in a Tea Glass’ by Anna Frants is an installation born by the artist’s inspiration: it reflects upon a storm of creativity that seems to have no end.

Problems of an individuum close the rest of the world for him. And, at the same time, they neither concern people around him nor influence the tide of life around him… a tragedy of one is of no difference to millions… any artist experiences his life, his emotions, his relationship with the world and society in his creative works (reflecting upon himself).

“Finding Freedom in Russian Art, 1961-2014” on display through December 6, 2014 at Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 710 East St. Mary Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70503.