Dimitri Lurie CV

Dimitri Lurie, born 1970 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), USSR (Russian Federation)


State Fine Art Academy, Oslo, Norway

Religion & Philosophy Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

State Technical University, St. Petersburg

Dimitri Lurie is a representative of the independent film community of Russia and Norway and has a special poetic voice. His credo is to concentrate on the visual aspect and atmosphere in film rather than storytelling.

In 1994 Lurie founded an independent studio DodoFilm Company in St. Petersburg. Since then he has produced (written, directed, shot and edited) a number of short, documentary & experimental films along with various art projects. In 1999, Dimitri was invited to teach film in Norway and the company was relocated in Oslo. Lurie’s film & video work were shown at various TV channels, film festivals and art exhibitions worldwide and have collected numerous awards.

Filmography (selected films):

2015 “Hermit”
2012 “Refraction”
2010 “A Sense of a Maze”
2009 “Samsara-Vertigo”
2007 “Theatre of Tears”
2007 “Flashes of Persia”
2006 ”Hat of Fools”
2005 “Lisa and Hitler”
2004 “Black on White”
2001 “Split”
2000 “Aftertaste”
1998 “Looking for Margarita”
1996 “Emptiness”

Selected Film Festivals participated:

Lisboa IFF”, Portuga
Video art festival “Miden”, Kalamata, Greece
Open Cinema, St. Petersburg, Russia
MediaMed, Barcelona, Spain
World Film, Tartu, Estonia
JIDFF, Czech Republic
Minimalen, Trondheim, Norway
Kortfilmfestivalen, Grimstad, Norway
Art Film Festival, AFIA, Aarhus, Denmark
Pure Day Dreams, St. Petersburg, Russia
Bergen International Film Festival, Norway
Kinoteatr.doc, Moscow, Russia
Scratch Show, Light Cone, Paris, France
Capalbio Cinema, Rome, Italy
Monte Catino Terme, Italy
Black Box, Leningrad, USSR

Lurie’s works can are to be found in various film & video archives and museums of contemporary art:

Light Cone – experimental film archive in Paris
The Norway’s Videokunstarkivet
Cyland’ Video Art archive St. Petersburg
SKMU Kristiansand, Norway

Dimitri lives and works part time in Oslo and part time in St. Petersburg.