CYLAND Speaks on CYFEST and Festival Culture in Uzhupis Republic

On June 10, 2016 Sergey Teterin presented CYLAND MediaArtLab and speaked of our annual CYFEST (formerly called “CYBERFEST”) during the symposium on Free Cultural Spaces and Festival Culture in Uzhupis Republic, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The 9th CYFEST Patterns of the Mind Opening Night at Pratt University, NYC

CYLAND MediaArtLab began its annual festival in 2007, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Over the following editions, CYFEST (CYBERFEST) grew to be housed across the world’s most prestigious institutions. The 9th CYFEST took place in Berlin, Bogota, London, New York, St. Petersburg, and due to arrive in its final destination in Moscow on June 15, 2016.

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