CYLAND Takes Part in the Art Marathon at the State Hermitage

CYLAND MediaArtLab supported the Art Marathon program at the State Hermitage museum within the exhibition “Anselm Kiefer – Velimir Khlebinikov”. CYLAND artists Ivan Govorkov and Ludmila Belova have participated in the Art Marathon at the Large Atrium of the General Staff building.


Shown at the Art Maraton,”The Road”, Ludmila Belova’s installation from 2010, comprises of a video projection onto a painting. The painting depicts an asphalt road with markings from a point of view impossible to maintain in the real life. In such perspective, the road with traces of cars, drops of dirt, stains, etc. becomes an abstract painting, where the markings turn into suprematistic objects.

The video, in which the movement of the luminous headlights of vehicles is shown continuously, is projected onto the painting. These lights move meditatively, joining together and merging into a whole, diverging and reconnecting again, as if they show some kind of dance, with an incomprehensible logic of movement. It is a constant movement in which the apparent randomness of transformations and the uncertainty of what is happening create a sense of incompleteness. Each new frame creates a new composition on the canvas plane, thus producing a series of pictures on one plane.

The exhibition “Anselm Kiefer – Velimir Khlebinikov” is a dedication by a major modern German artist to a great Russian futurist poet, philosopher and experimenter of word creation. The art marathon is the culmination of the public and educational program for the exhibition.

The task of the marathon is the show the urgency and relevance of the synthesis of painting, literature and music, which was popular in modernist art of the early 20th century, using various aspects of the work of Velimir Khlebnikov and Anselm Kiefer as points of departure. The extensive marathon program consists of diverse creative events: discussions, performances, lectures, exhibition projects, live musical performances and film screenings, in which famous figures of culture and art will take part.

Kiefer and Khlebnikov
CROSSROADS: Art – Literature – Music
1–2 July 6:00 PM–03:00 AM
Courtyards of the General Staff building of the Hermitage

10:30 pm – 12:00 p.m.
Liza Savina – Andrei Parshikov
Ivan Govorkov – Gleb Yershov
Dmitry Pilikin – Marina Koldobskaya
Participants: Sofia Kudryavtseva, Tamara Galeeva

Ludmila Belova in “Space of Visual Art”
Third courtyard of the General Staff building
6:30 PM–3:00 AM

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