CYLAND Supports Multimedia Exhbition by NCCA in St. Petersburg

The North-Western Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts – ROSIZO presents the exhibition of the participants of the Art Residence Program in Kronstadt. Supported by CYLAND MediaArtLab and curated by Elena Gubanova, the exhibition “Kronstadt Stories-2.Archive” will present eight projects created by the guests of the Art Residence in 2016.”Kronstadt Stories-2.Archive” will be on display at the State Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg in the Peter and Paul Fortress from June 7 – July 2, 2017.

Archive is something that we inherit from previous generations’ experience. How to preserve elusive fragments of days and events, sounds and smells of passing life, the moments that are not important for the history of the country and are so essential for a person?

The artists investigated the unique history and modern life of Kronstadt and created their own versions of the past through memoirs of the residents of Kronstadt, archival materials, photo and video documentation.

Quiet voices of the people telling their life stories inseparably intertwined with the history of the island and of the whole country, interlace with the sounds of a real town, splash of waves, with what camera shutter fleetingly shots and what will momentarily become an archive of reminiscences.

The exhibition includes video and audio installations, photographs and objects.

Ilya Pilipenko. Project "Radio of Unknown"
Ilya Pilipenko. Project “Radio of Unknown” from the exhibition “Kronstadt Stories-2. Archive”

“Kronstadt Stories-2. Archive”

June 7 – July 2, 2017

Curator: Curator: Elena Gubanova (Russia)

Participants: Ilya Pilipenko (Russia), Felix Kalmenson (Canada), Anastasia Vepreva (Russia), Kate McMillan (UK), Pavel Matveyev (Russia-Sweden), Lera Lerner (Russia), Karl Larsson (Sweden), Roger Palmer (UK)

Venue: State Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg, Peter & Paul Fortress, Poterna Exhibition Hall

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