CYLAND’s Audio Archive Presented in Vilnius, Lithuania

May 19, Vilnius-based Ideas block presented the CYLAND Audio Archive during its Sound Ideas event. The 15 records from CAA will be played to listeners during the evening.

The CYLAND Audio Archive (CAA) explores possibilities of exhibiting, the archival posterity in and possibilities of Sound Art as a medium. CAA has created a platform to allow free, publicly accessible listening for Sound Art online as well as producing tangible records of Sound Art in limited editions. The published editions of Sound Art records   are made of contemporary polycarbonate – a durable and historically established means of storing sound works in context to the digital files of these works available online.

Ideas Block

Ideas block is a creative space, where culture happens and ideas are fostered through various art and design practices, talks and workshops. Here we host interdisciplinary art exhibitions and sell handmade products by emerging designers, artists and makers.


Ideas block

Pylimo st. 60-18, Vilnius, Lithuania

Date & Time

May 19, 2017 | 19:00–22:00

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