CYLAND’s Alexandra Dementieva Reports from the 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival

CYLAND MediaArtLab artist Alexandra Dementieva shares her report from the 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival. The latest festival edition took place May 24-27, 2018 at the Megaron Concert Hall exploring the unknown future of the upcoming Technological Apocalypse through art, science and technology under the theme “SINGULARITY NOW”.


Event Horizon is the conceivable surface of a black hole, a place where gravity curves space-time so much, there is no escape, not even by light itself. Its core is the singularity, a zero point, where space and time are discontinued and is unknown what exactly happens further. A wormhole? Termination of everything? A new universe through a white hole?

When something enters the event horizon, all physics laws get distorted, while gravity becomes such, that inevitably reaches singularity and from there on…

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