CYLAND Presents: Artist Talk by Valery Alakhov of New Composers in St. Petersburg

July 11, 2017 CYLAND MediaArLab presented a lecture by Valery Alakhov from New Composers music group, the pioneers of electronic music in Russia. The event took place at the White Hall of the TAIGA Space in St. Petersburg.


The group was founded in Leningrad in 1983 by Valery Alakhov and Igor Verichev. The musicians were among the firsts to createcompilations from various musical fragments, industrial noises, andsounds of nature and space.

In 1987, they founded the “Science fiction” society at the Leningradclub “Planetarium”, where they gave lectures about the history of spaceexploration. From 1985 to 1987, they recorded the albums “Wind ofChange” (1985), “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp” (1986) and “Knowledge isPower” (1987). With Sergei Kuryokhin, New Composers also recordedthe experimental album “Insect Culture” (released in 1987), which wasacclaimed by the avant-garde composer Frank Zappa.

The group has recorded over 30 albums, including “Sputnik”, recordedin England in 1990.

In 1999, they worked with Brian Eno and Pete Namlook, two of themost famous avant-garde electronic musicians in the world.

Valery Alakhov discusses the group’s creative path. The lecture will beaccompanied by a screening of documentary video materials and videoart by the artist Thomas Lisle.

Thomas Lisle launched a new kind of video art in 1981, making electronicabstractions with TV screens to produce painterly images. Over the last15 years, he has explored the possibilities of digital 3D painting andanimation together with Jungian psychology (from archetypes to thecollective unconscious, dream analysis, transformation and symbolism).


“New Composers” are not so much a musical group as a conceptual one– artists of “sound canvases”. We found our original method in thecombination of music and text from the surrounding airwaves of theworld: radio, TV, records”. -Valery Alakhov